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New Lab 2018

Annual Day - 2018

Food Fest 2017

Teachers Day 2017

Rangoli 2017

Rally for Rivers

9th Annual Day 2017

KG Sports Day 2016

Vijayadasami Pooja 2016

Sports Day 2016

IFTAR FEAST 30th June 2016

10th and 12thGroup Photos 2015-16

Scout and Guide 2015-16

Patha Poojai 2015-16

Yoga Sangalpam 2015-16

State Level Karate Junior 2015-16

Scat Exam 2015-16

Annual Day 2015-16

Sports - 2015

Eye Camp - 2015

XII STD 2015

Navratri celebration - 2015

Teachers Day - 2015

Co - Curricular 2015

Sports Day - 2015

Chess 2015

Yoga Day - 2015

NSS Camp - 31st Jan 2015

Scout & Guide - 31st Jan 2015

Annual Day "Estrondo 2015"

Teacher's Refreshments - 24th Dec 2014

Christmas Celebration - 23rd Dec 2014

AMS Award Function - 13th Dec 2014

Eng Lab Exhibition - 18th Oct 2014

Rangoli - 4th Sep 2014

Sports Day Celebration - 15th Aug 2014

Co-Scholastic 2013

Sports Celebration 2013

We celebrate sports day in every consecutive years, various games conducted accompanied with funny games. Every child is made to participate to...

Independence Day 2013

We celebrate independence day to make children remember about the freedom struggle & the ...

Teachers Day Celebration 2013

Children honour their teachers on this day by performing various programmes. Teachers are entertained to make them feel they are teachers by choice and not by...

Children's Day Celebration 2013

We celebrate children's day in a very grand manner. The teachers entertain children by performing various cultural events which is a real feast to the eyes and ears of ...

Onam Celebration 2013

The real effect of Kerala is staged in our school with athappu Kolam. Girls and boys actively participate in floral...

Christmas Celebration 2013

Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas The festival of...

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Expo and Food Fest 20177

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Teachers Day 2017

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IFTAR FEAST 30th June 2016

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Yoga Sangalpam 2016

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State Level Karate Junior

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Scat Exam

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Annual Day 2016

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Sports Celebration

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Independence Day

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Teachers Day

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Children's Day

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Onam Celebration

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Nss Camp 2015

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Annual Day Estrondo 2015

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Christmas Celebration

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AMS Award Function

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Sports Day Celebration

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Scout & Guide

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Eng Lab Exhibition

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Teacher's Refreshments

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Rangoli Competition

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Rally for Rivers 2017

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