Message From Principal

Having joined Ambal family and being associated with this premier educational institution for the past 14 years, it is my proud privilege to be a part of the team which constantly strives to bring out the best in the students.

" High quality education is the foundation for creating healthy young minds which are the pillars of tomorrow "

The school has consistently met & exceeded the educational needs of the student populace. It is immense joy to see pupils grow and being nurtured into ladies and gentlemen of distinction, passionate in learning and able to contribute to society.

Academics is entwined with good levels of extra-curricular activities. Our all round efforts are being made to provide qualitative value based activity oriented education in school. The dedication, expertise and professionalism of our staff are exemplary, we are also thankful to all the parents for their co-operation.

There is no greater gift we can give our children than the skills, self esteem and resourcefulness to meet life with joy as its challenges with resilience. Our children are our great heritage. We have a hope waiting with all the beauties of tomorrows in them. They are the most in describable and immeasurable reasons we have with us. The fact is that we need to take care and utilize them for a great harvest. For this the children are to be educated. We need transformation leaders who can not only inspire but can perspire and labour for the next generation. A teacher touches the eternity and instills hope and direction into the young minds. Being a teacher by choice and not by chance is the most blessed happening in persons life time.

The members of the board believe in us and our mission in shaping characters, touching lives and encouraging passion for learning. My sincere gratitude to Mr.Veluswamy Sir, CEO for his neverending support and encouragement given at all times.

  • Mrs. K. Malathi