Sri Ambal Public School

CBSE Affiliation No : 1930292

Day Cum Residential School

Message From Management

"When we are Together we are more powerful"

  • Mr. A. Palanisamy

  • Mrs. Geetha Palanisamy

Ambal Schools are being run by P. Arukkutty Gounder Memorial Trust with a vision and clear objectives to render greater service to the humanity. To achieve our goal we have laid down certain programme to enable our children to excel in education and prepare citizen with patriotic values, national integrity and global outlook. We have defined our goal to prepare children to the life nitty – gritty. We have an action plan, a blue print, which gives us the clear purpose and direction. In this world of rapidly changing life styles, its quite a challenging task. We have still Miles to go…… Promises to keep…… Hopes to redeem………. with the co operation and support of all members of Ambal, we continue to move towards our goal with unshaken steps.