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Sri Ambal Public School

CBSE Affiliation No : 1930292

Day Cum Residential School

Our School

"Sri Ambal - A Gift to the World"

Sri Ambal Public School (CBSE), a day cum residential & co-educational school, situated at Sirumugai main road, Sirumugai, Coimbatore District is established by "P. Arukkutty Gounder Memorial Trust". It is a charitable, service-oriented and non-profit making body with four members.The ultimate aim of the trust is to impart right type of education producing, "Competent men and women in different subjects". It is an institution of excellence which can produce dynamic leaders in different sectors of human endeavour. Our School imparts education, leading to a harmonious development of the hand, the heart & the head which makes an individual an integrated personality.

Our School will equip the child to meet the challenges with vigour, confidence and knowledge with universal applicability.

The Teacher – Pupil Ratio is 1 : 25 to focus on students who want individual attention. Digiclass rooms is availed for instruction from KG to grade XII.